Client Testimonials

I have been working with Julie as my EMDR therapist for exactly 3 months and in that time the transformation that I have seen in my emotional connection to past memories has exceeded any expectations that I had at the start of treatment. 

I highly recommend this form of therapy to anyone dealing with past traumas and Julie in particular as she has a very empathetic persona that really resonated with me. She has helped me tremendously and I couldn’t be more thankful for our relationship - Mike

Counselling has helped me feel free to explore and become friends with all the different parts of myself as well as processing past events which were still affecting me. This has enabled me to feel at peace with myself, which has in turn hugely benefited all my relationships with my loved ones. EMDR therapy has changed my life by enabling me to process past traumas so that they are no longer in control of me and my reactions to situations. No longer feeling triggered or having to fear triggers is such a liberating and uplifting feeling! - GG

EMDR helped me to face my trauma in a safe environment and to process these emotions to live a peaceful life. 

Before EMDR, I would be scared of relationships and travel but after EMDR I am now forming strong relationships and feel more confident to go out and see new places - RH

The benefits from my time in counselling are considerable. Over the course of my consultations feelings transformed and a greater sense of freedom emerged. This was reflected in an improved relationship with myself and, so I hope, with others - Graham

Counselling with Julie has allowed me to break free from the cycle of anxiety that I had been trapped in for many years. Julie is a warm and empathetic, really listening to you and responding to your needs. It was wonderful to find a counsellor who had the ability to work with different counselling techniques - MA

Counselling is a challenging but rewarding experience. I was fortunate to find Julie, an empathetic listener who knew when to challenge me in my thought process to dig deeper, reconnect with my true self and find acceptance - Sarah

I just wanted to say thank you. It's been around a year and my mind(and Soul) are in a much better place and you helped enormously with that. Sitting and speaking with you was a great way of just spilling out what was going through my mind and things I had done. I no longer keep things to myself and feel on the road to recovery, a journey I could not have started without Julie. I would recommend her to anybody, even if it's just a first step. Thank you for not judging, thank you for listening - DT

EMDR therapy with Julie has helped me start rebuilding my life after suffering with PTSD for several years due to a traumatic bereavement. Since being in therapy I’ve started travelling, looking for work and got my drivers license; all things I thought I would never be able to do. My PTSD no longer controls me and I now have more good days than bad. It has truly changed my life - Anonymous

I first came to Julie when I was in the deepest depths of depression. Julie recommended EMDR therapy. I didn’t know if this would work, as my trauma wasn’t one big incident, but rather a million small incidents. EMDR has indeed helped me to process my past. Week by week, Julie brought me back to life and helped me to put my past in the past. I feel lighter and more free now. I'm so incredibly grateful to have worked with her for the past few months, and am now able to look forward to a future that I didn’t think I would get to have, free from fear and anxiety. Beth