Counselling & Psychotherapy Norwich Norfolk

About Counselling & Psychotherapy

I can help you discover, resolve and manage aspects of your life that you find difficult or presently overwhelming. Talking in a safe therapeutic space can help you find clarity within, reaching a better understanding which is empowering; allowing you to find your true self and resources which sets you free from mental and emotional turmoil.

Call Julie 077921 45455 or email [email protected]

Therapy Approaches:

I am Person Centred at the core, being non judgemental, accepting, providing empathy and going at your pace. This creates a therapeutic relationship which is the vehicle for change (Rogers). Integrative Counselling, or a pluristic approach means that I am trained to be able to call upon various techniques to assist you.

Psychodynamic Therapy looks at the importance of the unconscious and how past experiences could be shaping current behaviours. Exploring childhood relationships with parents and other significant people brings in awareness of learnt behaviours and feelings. The therapist focuses on the dynamics of the client/therapist relationship where transference can take place, such as when the client projects their feelings experienced in previous significant relationships on to the therapist. Allowing the client to explore this in a safe therapeutic space can bring positive change, understanding, finding our true self and way of being.

Mindfulness Based Approaches are beneficial and empowering for some people too, it is a relaxation technique which helps to centre ourselves and be more grounded in our body, letting go of any thoughts. Just noticing what maybe present, accepting of how things are moment by moment. Mindfulness allows one to become more fully functioning in our awareness and daily lives.

Booking an Appointment

Free 15 minute telephone consultation.

Face to face sessions or online video appointments via Bilateral Base.

Fees £65.00 per 50 minute session.

Free parking available at NR8 and on a bus route from the city centre to Westend Old Costessey.


My modalities are Person-centred at the core, with Psychodynamic, CBT and Mindfulness based theories. I am also trauma trained in EMDR therapy and The Flash Technique. 

The aim of supervision is to support you fully in your client work, looking at areas where you feel stuck with clients or how you feel. This will enable you to bring yourself more fully in the therapeutic relationship. 

I have obtained a Diploma in Supervision, endorsed by the BACP.

 Counselling Supervision fees are £60.00 for 60 minutes. £80.00 for 90 minutes.

EMDR 121 Supervision £50.00 for 60 minutes whilst in training.

Free parking available. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.